ARC’s Fifty Forward Health Forum Features CDC Director

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Dr. Thomas R. Frieden

Dr. Thomas R. Frieden
Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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The relationship between urban form, modes of transportation, the environment and our health, both as individuals and as a society, is becoming increasingly clear.  As the Atlanta region continues to develop, important questions about health will arise and will not go away.

  • How healthy are we?
  • How healthy will we be in five years, 10 years, 30 years?
  • What will be the cost to our society and to our economy if our overall health continues to decrease? 
  • How can we design our communities in the regional context to encourage healthy living for people of all ages? 
  • How can we best care for each other in times of poor health?

Dr. Thomas R. Frieden will be the keynote speaker at ARC’s Fifty Forward forum on Community Health, scheduled for June 24, 2010, in the Carter Center’s Cypress Room. Dr. Frieden, Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and Administrator of the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, will join other local panelists to discuss the future of the Atlanta region from the perspective of health and wellness. Frieden will address the questions raised above, as well as the role of community/public health in the Obama administration’s vision for creating livable communities.
Other panelists include:

  • Katie Bell, Associate Partner at The Gallup Organization
  • Tyler Norris, Senior Advisor to Kaiser Permanente

Please join us for this eighth and final forum in the series of ARC’s Fifty Forward visioning sessions to explore future scenarios for Metro Atlanta and forge an action plan to ensure future livability, prosperity and sustainability. The comprehensive results of all eight forums will be presented at ARC’s State of the Region breakfast on November 5 at the Hyatt Regency Atlanta.


What is Fifty Forward?

"Fifty Forward” is a two-year visioning initiative based on open-house style forums centered around critical topics that are now and will continue to impact metro Atlanta for decades. The forums will feature nationally recognized keynote speakers and will explore possible actions and ideas to ensure livability, prosperity and sustainability.

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